PrimaCreator Raise3D Pro2  Nickel Plated Copper Nozzle 0-8 mm - 1 pcs unter PrimaCreator
PrimaCreator Raise3D Pro2  Nickel Plated Copper Nozzle 0-8 mm - 1 pcs

PrimaCreator Raise3D Pro2 Nickel Plated Copper Nozzle 0-8 mm - 1 pcs

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Raise3D Pro2  Nickel Plated Copper Nozzle 0,8 mm - 1 pcs

Fits to: Raise3D Pro2, Pro2 Plus and E2

The premium nozzles from PrimaCreator are a series of replacement nozzles that can make more difference for the result than you may think. To have a high-quality nozzle is like having a sharp pencil, you need it to get a great print.

All nozzles from PrimaCreator are made from the best high-quality brass, copper or steel (depending on type) and are completed in a state of the art factory. All nozzles are manufactured with a tolerance of less than ± 0.01 mm. This means that your filament will have a very smooth and clear surface while extruding which, of course, results in better prints.

For best results and optimal print quality, we highly recommend that you re-level your build plate after changing to a new nozzle. Note that a PrimaCreator nozzle might be compatible with your printer, but the distance between nozzle and build plate must be adjusted.

The process of making a PrimaCreator nozzle begins with a selected high-quality material. When the material reaches the factory, there is first an optical inspection made of the material that are going to be used for each batch of nozzles. Then it´s time to clamp the material, in other words, make it into a long rod. In our process this only is done once, in many other (cheaper) cases, this process must be repeated several times, often as many as 3-4 times and yet you don´t get the same results.

After this process, the material goes through an ultrasonic cleaning bath and after that it is cleaned again and protected against surface oxidation.

The nozzle will now take shape with millimeter precision, the tolerance is less than ± 0.01 mm.

The process of removing sharp edges from the nozzles is a very important step as this makes up a big part of the result. If there is to much sharp edges left on the nozzle it will make the nozzle more prone to clog. So it´s essential that the nozzle is very smooth and clean before it is used. In every batch a few nozzles are selected and cut in half to make sure that every specification is met, and that the surface is in perfect condition.

The nozzles are then checked for one last time and packed individually in a protective box – ready to be shipped to you.

The series of nozzles from PrimaCreator is the perfect choice for people who only wants the best and at a great value!


- PrimaCreator Raise3D Pro2 Nickel Plated Copper Nozzle 0-8 mm - 1 pcs ist ein Artikel vom Anbieter buw. Hersteller PrimaCreator.

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